Message from the President 2011
To Know Your Woods

By Dan Shaver

How long does it take to get to  now your woods? This is without a doubt, a rhetorical question. If you answered, you had better get back out there and take a look because you are missing a lot. It is nice to walk through the woods and just enjoy it. It takes a lot more effort to know the trees, wildflowers, birds, wildlife, amphibians, soils and watershed that all contribute to making your woods  yhat it is. If you then start learning about non-native invasive species, insects and disease, wood product markets, hunting opportunities, estate planning and timber taxes suddenly you can be overwhelmed with all the aspects of knowing your woods. This is why the 11 member organizations support the Woodland Steward Newsletter. We know that landowners want more information about their property. Landowners want to be informed, make good decisions, be good stewards of the land, and try to understand the woods they enjoy so much year after year. So my challenge for 2011 to all landowners in Indiana is to learn something new about their woods this year. At the very least, set a goal to read the Woodland Steward Newsletter cover to cover each issue.

Do this, and you will enjoy your woods a little more and understand why you work so hard to conserve and protect your woods for today and for future generations. The Woodland Steward Institute would like to thank all the landowners who made a contribution in 2010. Donors are currently recognized on the Woodland Steward website at The Woodland Steward Newsletter is sent to over
33,000 landowners 3 times a year. Without the support of landowners, the Woodland Steward Institute would only be produced twice a year. In this issue of the newsletter we have included a donation envelope and are asking that you support the Woodland Steward Newsletter with a financial contribution to ensure that we are able to produce a third issue of the newsletter in 2011. You can also donate on-line. Go to our website, click on “Donations”, and then click on “Donate.”

Another way to support the Woodland Steward newsletter is by receiving the newsletter electronically, instead of in print format. Over 95% of our funding goes directly to printing and mailing the newsletter. If you have not been to the website lately please visit us at We have a new website with new look and new features. If you receive the newsletter on-line you will be able to view and print it three weeks or so before your neighbor. On-line, you can search and view any article that was ever published in the Woodland Steward newsletter and in some cases read the full unedited version of a report or article. So check out our website and keep getting to know your woods.

Thank you again for all the support in 2010.

Dan Shaver
Woodland Steward Institute President