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Welcome to the site of the Indiana Association of Consulting Forester ( IACF).  We are the state chapter for the national Association of Consulting Foresters ( ACF).  The purpose of this organization is to advance the professionalism, ethics, and interests of professional foresters whose primary work is providing forest management services to the general public.  All members of ACF have met and abide by a stringent set of minimum qualifications.


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What is a consulting forester?  A consulting forester is a self-employed professional that provides forest management services to the general public for a fee. They are independent of any business which may create a conflict of interest in serving their client.

How does a consulting forester fit into a landowners management goals?  Forest Management is a three-part working relationship between the landowner, forester, and wood-using industry.  The consulting forester's role in this triangle is to provide management assistance in both the planning and application levels to best meet the landowner's objectives.  They also serve as a liaison between the woodland owner and the wood-using industry.

What type of services do consulting foresters offer ?  Consulting foresters offer a wide range of services.  To determine the specific services offered by a particular consultant, it is recommend to contact them directly for information.   To learn more about  these services or view our membership directory, click on one of the links below.

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Consulting Forestry Services
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