Spring 2010

Volume 19 No. 1

Message from the President

2010 and Ready to Grow

Without a doubt, 2009 was a rough year for many people. With the start of 2010 the Woodland Steward Institute would like to wish all forest landowners in Indiana a Happy New Year. The Woodland Steward Executive Committee is very optimistic and planning a great year of timely and informative articles in the Woodland Steward newsletter. Over the next year we plan to run articles covering liability issue for landowners, updates on invasive species, updates on local forest and wildlife management research, and informative articles on national and global issues such as climate change and cap and trade. We will also run some of our flagship articles such as the Consultant Forester’s Price Report and the Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis.

Even though 2009 was a rough year for many people, woodland owners stepped up and contributed over $7,200 to the printing and mailing of the Woodland Steward Newsletter. The Woodland Steward Institute would like to thank all the landowners who made a contribution in 2009 (see pages 14-15). The Woodland Steward Newsletter is sent to over 33,000 landowners 3 times a year. Without the support of landowners, the Woodland Steward Institute would only be able to produce 2 newsletters a year. In this issue of the newsletter we have included a donation envelope and are asking that you support the Woodland Steward Newsletter with a financial contribution that ensures that we are able to produce a third issue of the newsletter in 2010.

Spring is upon us and the trees are ready to grow. Armed with information from the Woodland Steward Newsletter, take time to go out and enjoy the woods during this beautiful time of year.

Thank you again for all the support in 2009.

/s/Dan Shaver,

Woodland Steward Institute President