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1999 Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis

2000 Indiana forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis

2000 Woodland Steward Annual Report

2002 Annual Report (Fall 2002)

2003 Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis (Winter 2003)


2008 Farm Bill: Forestry Assistance from USDA (Summer 2009)

2008 Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis (Fall 2008)

2009 Indiana Consulting Foresters Stumpage Timber Price Report (Summer 2009)

2009 Indiana Forest Products Price Report and Trend Analysis (Fall 2009)




A Few Thoughts on Tree Farming (Summer 1999)

A Jumping Oak Gall Invades Southern Indiana Forests (Summer 1999)

A Knotty Problem (Spring 2008)

A Question on Oak Regeneration(Fall 1992)

A Seedling is a Seedling -- Not True (Summer 1993)

Abandoned Railroad Right-of-Way...Who Owns Them? (Summer 1997)

Acorns Per Tree in Relation to D.B.H. (chart)

Aiding Conservation: Tax Law Changes Promote Conservation Easements

All I need to know about life I learned from trees (Spring 2001)

American Chestnut Tree in Indiana (Spring 1997)

American Tree Farm System Conducts 3rd Party Review of It's Forest Certification Process for Private, Non-industrial Landowners (Summer 2001)

American Woodcock Facts (Summer 2003)

Amur cork tree (Phellodendron amurense) Control Project

An Owen County Tree Farmer

Application of Advanced Technologies for Improvement of Hardwood forests

Aquatic Weed Control

Assuring Continued Quality and Availability of Indiana's Hardwood Resource (Spring 1993)

Ask the Steward (Summer 2003)


Ask the Steward (Spring 2008)

Ask The Steward (Fall 2008)

Ask the Steward (Spring 2009)

Ask The Steward (Summer 2009)

Ask The Steward (Fall 2009)

Ask the Steward (Spring 2010)

Attention Landowners...be a member of IFWOA..(Spring 2001)


Barton's 1999 North Central Tree Farm Winner (Summer 1999)

Benefits of Indiana's Logger Training Program (Fall 1996)

Best Management Practices in the Lake Monroe Area

BMP's for Log Landings (Summer 1999)

BMP's in Private Woodlands (Winter 1997)

Bottomland Hardwood Reforestation on Private Lands in Indiana through the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program.

Breeding Indices of Ruffed Grouse (Summer 2003)

Butternut Conservation Collaboration between The Nature Conservancy and the  USDA Forest Service (Spring 2008)



Caring for your new tree planting (Spring 1992)

Case Study of A Well Managed Tree Farm (Spring 2000)

Cerulean Warbler: A species of controversy and concern (Spring 2008)

Changes in Property Tax System (Spring 2002)

Choosing a “Team” to Harvest Your Woods Tips on selecting a logger (Spring 2009)

Classified Forest Health .... an update (Summer 1999)

Classified Forest Program (Summer 2003)

Classified Forest Program Goes Through Major Revisions (Summer 2003)

Commercial Use of Public Lands 2002 (spring 2002)

Common Myths about Silviculture (Summer 2001)

Competitiveness of U.S. Wood Furniture Industry (Summer 2002)

Collaborating with a Forester (Summer 2003)


Days Gone By (Spring 2008)

Days Gone By  (Fall 2008)

Days Gone By (Fall 2009)

Days gone by (Spring 2010)

Datena Tree Farm

Davis Announces the Re-Creation of Brownstown Paper and Pulp Facilities (Winter 2003)

Deer Damage to Tree Plantings

Demand for Tree Seedlings Exceeds Supply

Demand for Seedlings Never Ends

Division of Forestry 100 Years and Growing (Fall 2001)

Do You Understand Your Forest (Spring 1993)


Eastern Tent Caterpillar Invasion 2001 (Summer 2001)

Eastern Tent Caterpillar (Spring 2003)

Ecological Sustainability Consumption and NIMBYism (Spring 2000)

Economic Development (Fall 1995)

Embracing Change while Avoiding Entropy: New Faces and Initiatives at Purdue

Emerald Ash Borer (Spring 2003)

Emerald Ash Borer Found Two Miles From Border (Summer 2003)

Emerald Ash Borer Survey and Quarantine (Spring 2009)

Engineered Wood Products (Fall 1995)

Enhancement of Indiana's Forest Resource Inventory (Spring 1996)

Enhance Your Forest for Wildlife (Summer 2002)

EPA Continues to Move Ahead with TMDL Rules (Spring 2000)

Equal Opportunity for Wildlife

Exotic Invasive Species (Fall 2002)

Exploring Decision-Making by Forest Landowners in Indiana (Spring 2001)

Exporting Jobs or Lumber



Farm Bill Conservation Programs Available 2002 (Summer 2003)

Federal Government Forest Policy Beginning to Take Shape Under New Administration (Spring 2010)

Federal Requirements for forest Roads in Wetlands

Find us online (Spring 2008)

Flowering Dogwood, Is It Dying Out

For the Birds

For the Love of Trees

Forest Preservation for the Timber Industry

For Purple Mountains Majesty (Spring 2003)

Forest Certification-A Perspective from Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. (Fall 2008)

Forest Certification in Indiana (Fall 2008)

Forest Management and the Conservation of Forest wildlife

Forest Wildlife in Farmland, Responses to Agriculture

Forestry Coop A Coming Attraction


Gary Gretter receives honor

Global Warming - Tree and Warm Season Grass Plantings could make a difference

Globalization of the Hardwood Industry- Why Should We Care? (Spring 2009)

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors: True or False? (Spring 2010)

Green Certification, Trendy Fad, or Future of Forestry? (Spring 2000)


Greenspirit: Trees are the Answer (Summer 2000)

Greenspirit: Trees are the Answer Continuation 1 (Fall 2000)

Greenspirit: Trees are the Answer Continuation 2 (Spring 2001

Gubernatorial Candidates Outline (Summer 2000)

Gypsy Moth Treatment in Hoosier National Forest


Hardwood Review, Species of the Decade (Spring 2002)

Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center (HTIRC) (Spring 2003)

Harvesting Timber on Indiana's State Forests (Spring 2002)

He Prowls Your Woods At Night (Spring 2010)

Healthy Wetlands Devour Mosquitos (Spring 2000)

Herbicide Options to Control Woody Invasive Plants (Fall 2009)

Hoosier Landscapes, Saving Our Last Great Places (Fall 1995)

How Much Wood Are We Using And Where Does It Come From? (Summer 2002)

How to Manage Oak forests for Acorn Production (Spring 1995)

Tips of the Trade: How to Measure a Tree (Fall 2009)

How to treat timber sale income (Summer 1997)

How Trees Grow

How Wind Affects Trees (Spring 2001)


IFWOA 2001 annual meeting announcement (Summer 2001)

IHLA honors logger (Spring 2002)

Inbreeding Trees Bring costs (Summer 1999)

Incentives For Ecosystem Management (Summer 1995)

 Indiana Consulting Foresters Stumpage Timber Price Report (Fall 2000)

Indiana Consulting Foresters Stumpage Timber Price Report (Fall 2008)

Indiana Farm Fence Law (Winter 1992)

Indiana Forest and Forest Industry Quick Facts (Summer 2003)

Indiana Heritage Trust Program Annual Report 1997-1998

Indiana's Heritage Trust a land conservation for the 21st century (Winter 1994)

Indiana Landscapes

Indiana Receives Grants (Fall 2002)

Indiana Timber Tax Website

Indiana Tree Farm regional winner. (Summer 2009)

Indiana Tree Farmer Honored:  Woody Barton

Indiana Tree Farmer of the Year (Spring 2003)

Indiana's Forests continue to grow.

Indiana's Forest Legacy Program

Indiana's forests One Hundred Years Ago (Spring 1995)

Indiana's forests, past, present and future

Indiana's Heritage Trust a Land Conservation Program for the 21st Century (Winter 1994)

Indiana Tree Farm Awards (Spring 2009)

Indiana Weed Control Laws (Summer 2003)

In Memory of Paul Jaquess (Summer 2002)

Investments in Forestland, Timo, Beta, Alpha and Portfolio (Fall 1996)

Inwoodlands.org (Summer 1999)





Legislation Threatens Biodiversity in State Forests (Spring 2002)

Letters to the Editor Fall 2002

Letters to the Editor Summer 2002

Letters to the Editor Summer 2003

Letters to the Editor (Winter 2003)


Letters to the Editor (Summer 2009)

Liability and Forestland Ownership (Spring 2010)

Liability, the Challenge of Landownership (Summer 1993)

Loggers of the Year (Summer 2003)

Logging Simply a Tool to Ensure Ecosystem Health (Spring 2002)


Managing Indiana's Wetlands, a Vision for the Future (Spring 1994)

Managing Red Oak Crop Trees (Winter 1993)

Managing Mixed Forests (Spring 1996)

Marketing Timber (Spring 2000)

Marshall County Mill Pond Demonstration Woodland 1999 Report

Mead Paper:  We're Looking for Pine in Southern Indiana (Fall 2000)

Message from the President (Spring 2010)

Message From the President (Winter 2003)


Mill Pond Demonstration Woods Update (Spring 2010)

Multiflora Rose Control (Spring 1992)

Multiflora Rose Herbicide Chart (Spring 1992)

Multiple Use Management and the Role of Timber Harvesting in Indiana's Forestlands (Spring 2002)


National Woodland Owners Association Woodland Report

Nesting Bald Eagles (Summer 1996)

New Fence Law Provision (Summer 2003)

New Invader to Watch For! (Spring 2010)


New Pest of Spruce and Pine Trees Intercepted (Summer 1995)

Nonpoint Water Pollution and Forest Management (Summer 2002)


Our Current Energy Dilemma: Part 1 Wood as a Fuel Source (Spring 2009)

Our Current Energy Dilemma, Part 2 Wood Energy Potential from Closure of Terre Haute Paper Mill (Summer 2009)

Outdoor Laboratory Winner 2007: Edgewood Intermediate School  (Spring 2008)


Partners in Action: Taking on invasive species in southern Indiana (Summer 2009)

Plant a Million

Plant a Tree for You and Me (Spring 2010)

President's Column 2001 (Fall 2001)

Preserving Family Woodlands (Spring 2010)

Preventing the spread of invasive plants in Indiana (Spring 2009)

Private Lands:  The Neglected Geography (Summer 1999)

Prominent Area Farmers Wayne and Betty Bessinger 2002 State Charles Deam Award Winners (Spring 2002

Property Taxes on Farmland (Winter 2003)



Rates of Return On Woodland Investments (Spring 2002)

Riparian Management


Save Our Trees (Summer 1993)

Search Continues for Canker Resistant Butternut (Summer 1995)

The Secret Lives of Acorns (Spring 2008)

Seedlings Sales and Demand at IDNR Division of Forestry Nurseries for the 1998 - 1999 Season.

Seeing the Forest From the Trees

Selling Water in the Desert (Spring 2003)

Senator Lugar Indiana Tree Farmer of the Year (Spring 2003)

Some observations after the drought of 1999 (Summer 2000)

Southern Indiana Forest Bank (Summer 2000)

State Forester of Indiana Elected NASF President (Winter 2003)

The State of Indiana Hardwood (Winter 2003)

State's Financial Crisis (Fall 2002)

Stumpage Price Report (Summer 2002)

Summer 2002 Letters to the Editor

Sustainable Forestry: What does it mean for Indiana? (Summer 2002)

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (Spring 1997)

Sustaining Diversity of Life Through Tree Planting


Tax tips for forest landowners for the 1999 tax year

Tax Tips for Forest Landowners for the 2003 Tax Year (Winter 2003)

That Wonderful Dogwood (Spring 1993)

The Timber Buyer Licensing Law and You (Fall 1992)

Tick Transmitted Diseases in Indiana

Ticked Off About Lyme Disease (Spring 1993)

Timber Buyer Licensing Law Background:  New Amendments and Comments (Summer 2001)

Timber industry needs best management practices (Spring 2008)

Timber Theft ..A Solvable Crime (Spring 2001)

Timber Theft:  Our Own Experience

Tips of the Trade (Fall 2008)

TMDL:  The Smoke Clears (Summer 2000)

Today's Number One Threat to Northern Indiana Woodlands

Too Many Deer? (Fall 1992)

Top Ten Forestry Issues (Fall 2002)

Top Ten Things Not to Do When Selling Timber (Spring 2001)

Tree and Shrub Seeds Needed by State Nurseries (Summer 1995)

Tree Farmer of the Year 2002 (Spring 2002)

Tree Farmer of the Year for Indiana (Spring 2003)

Trees of Indiana (Spring 2003)

Tri-State Logging Top Indiana Logger:  Steve Close


Uncle Bob's Wood Diatribes (spring 2000)

Understanding Of Nitrigen Cycle Called Into Question (Summer 2002)

Using Forest Survey Data in Making Strategic Supply Decisions


Veneman Marks Earth Day  by Announcing Funds for Conservation and Water Development (Spring 2003)

Vernal Wetland Development Program the Hoosier National Forest (Fall 2008)


Wakeland's 5 acre Plainfield Sand Black Oak Forest Management Demonstration Area (Spring 2000)

Water and Chemical Movement Beneath the Bark (Spring 2000

Welcome Indiana Soil and Water Conservation Districts (Spring 2001)

Wetlands and Water Quality (Spring 1992)

Wetlands Reserve program in Indiana (Summer 2000)

What can we do to save Indiana's Farmland

What Is a Forestry BMP (Winter 1997)

What's Ailing your Ash Trees? (Spring 1995)

In my opinion... What Forest Certification Really Means to the Woodland Owner (Fall 2009)

Why a Wildlife Biologist doesn't want you to Build a House In The Woods

Why BMP's are Good for the Forest (Winter 1997)

Why the Public Doesn't Care

Wild Grapevines Can Harm Your Woodland Investment (Spring 1996)

Woodland Report:  EPA Finds Culprit in Water Pollution, Unfortunately It is Us!

Woodland Steward 2000 Annual Report (Summer 1999)

Woodland Steward Institute: Message from the President 2009 (Spring 2009)

Woodland Steward Institute Report (Summer 1999)

Woodland Report National Woodland Owners Association



Yellow Poplar and drought (Summer 2000)

Your Forests are Certified (Spring 2002)




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